Families ARISE! 2018 will be happening on 21 April 2018, 2-4PM.

Thank you for your interest in ARISE!
All our tickets have been given out. Sorry but there will not be a wait-list any more.

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Calling FAMILIES to ARISE! and lift up the name of Jesus.

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A platform to RELEASE the children in Praise,
Prayer & Intercession

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"Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger. " Ps 8:2



Enthrone God in the praises of His children. “For as the soil makes the sprout come up and a garden causes seeds to grow, so the Sovereign LORD will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations.” Isaiah 61:11

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Nurture the hearts of the children to worship God. Gather the children & their families, across the nation, into the Father’s presence…

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“I brought my wife, Geraldine, & 2 kids, Josiah & Keziah, to ARISE!…. Up to that point, my wife had been enduring tightness in her neck, shoulders & back for several days already, and there were some nights she had to take Panadol in order to sleep better.

The call was made for people needing prayer to stand, & my wife stood, then the ARISE! kids were “let loose” to pray for people. A boy around age 7 came up to her, touched her arm & mumbled something she couldn’t catch.

While praying, my wife felt the tension leaving her neck, shoulders & back. She was completely healed! Praise the Lord!

Isaac Leong

Attended ARISE! Singapore, 2010

Hello Aunties & Uncles in Arise,

I want to tell you that our God is truly an amazing, awesome and all-knowing God.  On Saturday night when Auntie Cathy told us to write out what God wants to show us or speaks to us.I wrote to God to tell him that I am going to a new school and I needed His help to help me make new friends.  Indeed our God is GOOD and KIND !

All along, God has already placed friends in the Arise practice whom I never knew  that are going to be my new school mates. 5 mins before today’s event, Marcia happened to ask a boy which school he was from. I was filled with great joy and I told my mommy aloud that I have found someone from the same school.  I want to THANK and GIVE GOD the glory for answering my prayers to my fears.  Now, I am no longer afraid because I know I can trust in JESUS.

Titus Ling

Participant, 9 years old

My daughter, Johanna Lee, joined ARISE choir this year and she came back just now telling me that she is so happy and she cannot stop singing to God. She shared that while worshipping the Lord today at ARISE, she just can’t wait to go to church tomorrow to worship the Lord again. She said that it is ARISE that helps her to learn and grow to enjoy praise and worship. I believe the Lord has give her a heart to worship through ARISE.

Flora Wong



ARISE! has been gathering the children and bringing families together to worship their Father and lift up the name of Jesus since 2002. Come together in praise & worship; engage your children in prayer.


This is a worship movement that started in Singapore and today has touched over 50 countries. See how the ARISE! Movement has spread across the nations. 

If you know of someone who could be the spark for his/her community, to gather the children and families in worship, please share with them the vision.

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